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In the beginning...
To dream is the most essential part of being,
For being without dreaming is akin to a life without breathing.
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Alcohol Solves Problems
Bitterness speaks, so come take over me
And poison your mind with false hope and true lies.
Never knowing these things could change,
Just lay here, in my arms, fall asleep and dream.
For I will always hold you so very tight
And make it seem as though everything will be alright.
Swallow again, so swallow my friend,
I will take you away, I will soothe your pain.
I won't release you (you will not want me to)
And when the nights get so long, these nights will become so very long indeed.
Follow me to a place; a place where you may set your mind at ease,
Fall back into the cold static, dip down darkly, and dream of me
For in dreams we will share an endless embrace;
Our honeymoon, in peace, twisted in yellow flesh and swollen membranes.
These promises I keep, you will be free from your pain.
Hollowed out; stripped from the torrents of sin,
Kneel down now, I am the darkest demon you've ever danced with.
Left to walk and die utterly alone
A tragic fate to meet within a cold firm hole.
Have no f
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A Thousand Suns
Drowning in this silence
  How it fills this room so awkwardly.
As I am sitting here, alone.
  Uncomfortably waiting.
May somebody, please, break this phase.
For I am searching for an answer.
  And I am seeking amends for all,
All that I am holding
  Deep inside of my heart,
Therein lies a furious burning
  Like a thousand suns.
(Consuming my faith in you)
So unfair, but so true
  The way your lying eyes touch me coldly
I stand, barely, bleeding
  You are the storm front upon a summer sky
The darkness that seizes all light
  A cold, frost bitten wind,
On a lonesome winter's night.
With fingers sharp as knives
  You cut (into me), I bleed - release.
To find some kind of peace (the answer I seek).
  Separate reality from my masochistic dreams.
Feed this burning; hot and sapphire blue
(Consuming my faith in you)
When your eyes lie to me
  My heart bleeds, quivers, burns inside of
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Project Tagline
On October 31st, between the hours of 1 AM and 3 AM, Marion Cutshall disappeared. She has not been seen or heard from since... and she will never be found.
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Blue Room
You bend me.
          Confine me to this blue space I could never find before.
These pieces (to complete the picture of my life).
          Openness vitality.
                                                 We try.
We reach out to the broken. So why?
                              Why   does   everything
And the misery - we spread it all over this to
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Saturday Night, At Midnight
Beyond those distant eyes, echoes reside.
Up here, high above the world tonight,
Let a solemn cry fly.
Expel the pain of a distant mind.
May there lie a solace in peace after life.
Through those distant eyes, a mind's eye spies
Cursed to be ailing and colorblind,
Only to interpret in gray, black, white.
Forlorn! Benighted by such an abject demise,
Obscured from the pure aesthetics of this life,
Of a beauty so bold, it could replenish one's sight
And find true love, and blissfully live again.
For resilience in such distant times,
Is where new life begins.
:iconabeautifuldescent:abeautifuldescent 2 2
Soul Fire
She held the world to her lips
As she danced to its melody.
How sweet her movements were.
Like the fresh, dying leaves
Caught within a crisp autumn breeze.
Her grace, so deep
In peace, I lay beneath.
An existence outside of everything else,
My thoughts are drowned out.
She is beautiful. She is hope.
She laid her coffee-stained eyes upon my heart
Melting it into an ocean of chocolate smiles.
Sing to me what you could make of me.
Be the raging fire in the hearth of my soul.
Then she let the world free fall,
Sending it crashing violently to the leaf-laden ground
Shattering all that I had bothered to ponder.
Frozen in time, my eyes scanned the sky.
She was gone forever.
:iconabeautifuldescent:abeautifuldescent 8 6
Rules For Breathing
I can feel you breathing.
I can feel you breathing.
I can feel you breathing, faintly.
And I'll never turn away.
I'll never turn away.
I'll never turn away, again.
On the threshold of life,
Where it inevitably meets seams with Death,
I'll hold you closely now.
Just hang on, for me, tonight.
For me, for me.
Please breathe.
For me, for me.
Keep breathing, deeply.
I can feel you fading, don't.
I can't feel you anymore.
:iconabeautifuldescent:abeautifuldescent 2 4
Bury Me
When my words are the same, bury me.
I have nothing left to say, so let this fade.
For these stars will burn out, and the rain will seize the day.
Set these skies ablaze; this is what it is to come apart.
Your lies are scars which I cannot ignore.
Like razors, they cut deep into me.
They tear straight through my wretched flesh.
Fade me away, a little more with each passing day.
I don't sympathize, I realize.
Just rip my soul from out of me.
Rip the soul from out of me.
For I am not here anyway.
I've fucking gone and slipped away.
So just bury me...
Bury me.
Bury me.
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A Portrait Within Dreams
I feel you, my past laid out before me.
All that I was and all that I am.
This is me -
A living and breathing human tragedy,
Though I don't seethe.
I am serene.
It is in my fondest of memories,
Those, oh, so beautiful summer evenings
Adorned by the taut grace of a cool dusk breeze.
Freedom and peace in a moment I keep for me.
Wistful, I am; for today is unlike all of those yesterdays.
I feel you, still; in my most saccharine of dreams.
A poignant sense of relief, the blood streams
Paint a brilliant red portrait of me.
Life and Death, at odds with all of the rest,
But not with me, you see.
I have found the truth behind this mystery
One that sets me free in the ways I need.
Your voice: nostalgic.
My heart: complacent.
For I'll always be a part of you.
And you, a part of me.
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