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"Wherever you are - be all there."
                                                    - J. Elliot

When one sets out to pursue a dream - they have to be all there or not at all. If absent, the dream fades away... it remains a dream and nothing more. And so, I have been hard at work since last fall getting things in proper order. This year will be productive, so pay close attention. Below I have given succinct descriptions of what you will see here throughout the course of this year. Some of it may be of little or no interest to you, or this is what you may believe to be the case initially. Whatever you might come to think of it all now, this is simply the beginning. And you can never know what truly awaits you unless you decide to take the ride....

This will be a ride.

With that being said, I hope you will explore. I hope you will be intrigued. I hope you will discover and question... and feel something stir inside of yourself. I can't say that it will always be simple, and I can't promise you that it will always be pretty. I can ensure you that it will be a ride... won't you come and take this ride with me?

WATCH carefully. WATCH closely.

                                                               I'll see you along the way.

                                                  CURRENT PROJECTS

"Something Beautiful, Something Strange" will be an anthology of observational poetry that will be ongoing for the indefinite future. It's purpose will be to direct the reader's attention to many of the things we all see in our lives, sometimes every day, yet never really find the heart or the time to give our full appreciation to these entities. These focal points could range from displays in nature, to simple objects, to the people with whom we inadvertently cross paths… or even our own distinctive characteristics that separate us apart from the rest of the world.

It will be available here on Deviant Art, and eventually on Lit Reactor.

"Brutal Seasons" will be a collection of very short stories, and again, it will be ongoing for the indefinite future. This collection will span a broad range of genres, however, the stories will take an unconventional approach in their approach to illustrating themes that are often found in a particular literary genre. With this in mind, they may be unsuitable for the casual reader.

The stories will share a common thread in that they will attempt to focus heavily on the complexity of human emotion, and how our emotions can hold us prisoner within ourselves or set us free in ways never thought possible.

It will be made available here on Deviant Art, as well as Lit Reactor.

"The Rain Dancer Diaries " is a project currently in its earliest stages of development. It is envisioned as being a photographic novella that will tell the story of "The Rain Dancer", an enigmatic character who often appears in many of my other works. This will be HER story, and give the details to her true identity, her purpose, and how she ultimately became "The Rain Dancer"…

I am currently in talks with others who have expressed an interest in collaborating with me on this project. Any updates will be posted on my personal website, as well as various social media sites including Deviant Art.

Teasers will be posted on here occasionally, but upon completion, this project will be published and made available for purchase.

"Ex(is)tence: An Odyssey" is my current project. As an epic poem, it may frighten some people. Really, it will read as smoothly as a novel, the only difference being that it is written in verse instead of in paragraphs.

It tells the story of a man who finds himself at odds with the suffocating confinements of the society in which he lives. As he struggles to make sense of the world around him, he encounters an obscure individual who holds "the knowledge" and offers to teach him the true meaning behind existence.

By overcoming his innermost fears, reworking the intricacies of his mind, and learning to embrace the concepts of "true reality", he restores his sense of individuality before bringing an end to his own life. Once his new sense of being has materialized, he uncovers his ultimate purpose… to embark on "the odyssey" - a journey like none ever witnessed before.

This work will contain original works of art that is unique to each of its sections.

Look for occasional excerpts here on Deviant Art, as well as on Lit Reactor. Once completed, it will be published and made available for purchase.
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